Yet Another Simple Email Form


YASEF probaby is the simplest email form you will ever meet while surfing the web for useful PHP scripts.
Once you have it up an working on your site it will let your visitors send you an email from a nice pop up window and without opening any email client.

Click here for a demo

Open the zip file
You will find an html form, a css stylesheet, and a PHP script (sendemail.php)
Open sendemail.php and find


replace info@yoursite.com with your actual email address and save
Upload all three files in the same directory containing the page your visitor will contact you from
copy and paste this code in your page just where you want the contact link to appear

<a href= "#" onClick= "MM_openBrWindow ('emailsender.htm', 'email','scrollbars=yes ,width=420, height=420') "> info@mysite.com </a>

You can modify style.css as you wish for tuning look and feel with your site
All done! Enjoy!

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